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On Wind Mitigation– Our goal is to save you money on your insurance policy. We do this by checking how your roof coverings are attached to your decking how your decking is attached to your trusses and which thickness of plywood. If it’s nailed and what size nails. We check to see how the trusses are attached to the walls and if they are secured by over-the-truss straps or if their toe is nailed or clipped.

 Radon, Termite, and New Construction inspections are offered also

 Our evaluation is then communicated through all of our different detailed inspection reports, which include different descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements. This will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a blueprint for your future in the home.

  Best of all, our services don’t end with the inspection. For as long as you own the home, you can call with any additional questions — at no extra charge!

Home Inspection Services with Better Home Inspections

Our 4-Point Inspection– This is to show your insurance company or mortgage company that the Four Main Services in your residence are working properly and that the home operates correctly and efficiently. That your electricity is good and your electrical panel is safe, not energized, and has no loose wiring. No double taps, no aluminum wiring, or shorts from bad or loose breakers. That your Plumbing is good and that your drains, faucets, and showers are in good working order with no leaks. That your Roof is intact, not leaking, and no loose tiles or worn-out shingles. That there are no bad staining or problem areas on your ceilings. That your Central Air-conditioning and Heating System is in good working condition and cooling and heating properly and not exceeding life expectancies. That your appliances work properly are safe and do not exceed life expectancies.

Our 4-Point Inspection

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We offer some of the most comprehensive visual detailed inspections available. A visual detailed inspection is exactly what it says. It is not a guarantee or a warranty.

We offer eleven different types of inspections with color photos and very detailed editing.

On our Residential Inspection, we start at the roof and evaluate not only the roof surface, but also the chimney, the ventilation system, the electrical service entrance, the plumbing stack, and any other systems or components located on the roof.

Our next step is to inspect the exterior of the home. We use a macro and micro approach to look at both the big picture and all the details.

We then move inside the house, and starting at the bottom, work our way up through the home into the attic. While inside, we address such things as the structure, the heating and cooling systems, the electrical and plumbing systems, the interior finishes, the insulation and ventilation, and accessories such as fireplaces.

Home Inspection Services with Better Home Inspections
Home Inspection Services Better Home Inspections

Complete protection, 120-day Guarantee!

Your home inspection by Better Home Inspections comes with a 120-day Guarantee! Move into your new home without worrying about an unexpected repair bill on the major mechanical systems (furnace, air conditioning, water heater, dishwasher, and range) in your home. Complete Protection pays 100% of the repair costs (parts and labor) and there is no deductible for service visits. CP is an accredited member of the BBB and has an A+ rating. Read details about the 120-day Warranty. 

Complete protection, 120-day Guarantee!

Residential Home Inspection Report

With your Residential Home Inspection Report, you will be receiving the best detailed and comprehensive inspection report from Spectora, which will serve as a beautiful guide for your residence for as long as you own the home. It not only describes the residential components and their condition, but also provides insight into what improvements will be necessary, and when.

The residential inspection report you receive describes each of the major systems of the residence, including:

Insulation and ventilation

Residential Home Inspection Report

The report addresses the condition of each of these systems. Any recommended repairs, replacements, or improvements are clearly documented. The report also includes a summary of significant issues for quick reference.

The summary is often the most important part of the report for people making their purchase decisions. Once you’ve moved into your residence, you’ll likely find more detail is required, and that’s when the body of the report becomes most useful.

For those requiring further explanation, the reference material in the report provides additional insight.

Home safety tips
The report will provide you with a number of home safety tips, addressing everything from smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to overhead garage door openers.

Home maintenance tips
The home is a very significant investment for most people. Good preventative maintenance is a great way to protect your investment. Our home inspection reports include a maintenance section to help make sure that your home continues to be safe, comfortable, and efficient.

residential inspection report you receive describes each of the major systems of the residence